Bullying Short Informative Essay

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Bullying is still a very big problem these days, with the ever increasing growth of the internet and internet-connected electronics, it seems to be only getting worse. With new technological advances, comes new forms of bullying. One can now be bullied, virtually everywhere! Such as social networking sites, email, school, cellphones, and even at his/her own home. Their are 5 main forms of bullying today, and those are: Physical bullying, Emotional Bullying, Sexual bullying, Cyber bullying, and Racial bullying. Each and every form of bullying is harmful to the one being bullied, and in many cases CAN lead to suicide. Let's take a closer look at some of these. Physical bullying can be anything from a small push, to a devastating and potentially fatal punch to the face. However, it doesn't necessarily mean it's all physical. It can also be that the bully and his friends have you cornered up against a wall, or maybe breaking your belongings, or even making threatening gestures.

All of these are attributes of Physical bullying. This type of bullying is probably the most known form, and has been around the longest. It can also be said that this is the most dangerous form of bullying there is. This type of bullying is most often times portrayed in films and television as well. If your son or daughter is coming home from school with bruises or damage to his or her property, then this can be a BIG indicator of Physical bullying. Males are also usually more likely to commit an act of physical bullying. Emotional bullying is probably the second biggest form of bullying there is, and nowadays, it can often be very similar to Cyber bullying. The real difference between the two, is that Emotional bullying is more verbal and...