The Bunsen Burner Lab

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PURPOSE:The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate the characteristics of a Bunsen burner flame. There are two types of flames having different characteristic to be studied. The two types of flames are as follows:1.The Luminous Flame2.The Non-Luminous FlameHYPOTHESIS:The Luminous Flame will have yellow/orange, normal as when a splint is lighted. All flames are stable when hold still. There should be no noise after the Bunsen burner is lighted. Non- Luminous Flame would be the same but have little different reaction, typically having the same characteristics. If the Nichrome wire is passes through both types of flames, it will indicate the amount of heat given off by different regions of flame. If the t-pin and a matchstick are placed exactly in the inner blue cone, the matchstick will not burn.

MATERIAL:1.Safety goggles2.Bunsen burner w/rubber tubing3.Flint lighter4.Nichrome wire5. Matchstick6. T- PinLAB SETUP:PROCEDURE:1. Come into the class and get ready for the lab.

Remove watch, chains, contact lenses, tie long hair back, and roll up your sleeves. There should be no gyp knapsacks in the lab.

2.Safety goggles were put on (to prevent any eye damage).

3.The rubber tube (hose) of the Bunsen burner was connected to the gas outlet and the barrel was wind down to block air holes.

4.The gas was turned on full. Spark was made at the top of the barrel from the flint lighter (tilt the lighter at 450 to the top).

5.Barrel was turned down causing to stop the flow of the air to produce a luminous flame. All the characteristics of the luminous flame were noted down6.Slowly turn the barrel up until you can’t move at all and the air holes were no longer blocked.

7. Turn the gas to full and make...