burger king marketing & employee motivation strategy.

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Module Title: Research Application in Global Business

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Burger King and Employee Motivation


This research deals that how Burger King (BK) following the procedures to motivate the Employees, how these procedures helps in achieving the objectives of Burger King and influences the objectives. Hamburger is a parent company of Burger King and it is operating worldwide. Headquarter of Burger King is situated in Florida, U.S.A. It was first established as Insta Burger King in 1953. Due to tough external environment of Insta Burger King, it faces financial problems and in 1954 its franchises were sold and its name was changed as Burger King.

At the end of 2013 it was reported by Burger King that it has over 13000 franchises operating in 79 countries out of which large amount of franchises operating in United States, almost 66% in United States. Burger King has almost 40 subsidiaries that are operating under the management of different countries, their operations, financial matters and production are controlled by the management of those Countries.

(Burger King Corporation, 2013).

Franchises of Burger King are mostly privately owned by the businessman and they followed the SOPs given by the Burger King Company (Christina, 2011). A holders of Burger King franchises has to follow the strict obligations and duties given by the Burger King; it includes designs of a company, internal and external appearance, brand standards, quality and serving of food, training programs and employee compensation plans (Jonathan, 2011). Burger King is giving license to the operators and administrators of stores to run the franchises of Burger King in North America (Elizabeth, 2006). Now Burger King is working in many countries. It is using many promotional techniques as well. It has fan page on a social media called Facebook. Moreover it has an...