To Be Burned By The Stars, Othello and Oedipus Rex, Othello's downfal was caused by hisself, Oedipus's downfall was brought on by the Gods-dispute or prove this.

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To Be Burned By The Stars

Which is better, to live a life of greatness, then risk a tragic downfall that is in accordance with the height to which one was elevated, or perhaps it is better to accomplish little so that life, classically paradox, where struggle and conflict for possessions and recognition are paramount, not much is lost at the end of it. Ultimately, everything is stripped away and what is left, what really counts for anything at all, is found from within, but hardly ever accounted for. It is in the last moments that greatness is achieved, because it is here that, when stripped of the illusionary greatness--possessions, fame, modesty; false or otherwise--that one comes face to face with how great he or she really is. When this is viewed at the end of a tragic downfall brought to bear by one's own doing, greatness is found in the acceptance of the actions, responsibility taken, and forgiveness bestowed upon those wronged and upon the self.

With this in mind, look to Othello and Oedipus Rex, where greatness is found in the last moments regardless of the life led. Both were great men in their respective stories and for generations that followed their conception. Both men rose to unimaginable heights through their suffering, endurance, fortitude and strength of character. Both men fell to ruin through entirely different channels to where they were brought to account for their actions. Othello was felled when his strength of character left him, he relied upon another as one would use a crutch to support themselves. Oedipus was reduced to a blind, homeless beggar, through a prophecy that was foretold before he had drawn breath into his own lungs. Both men were still great however, because they suffered from the human condition but inspired...