The Burning of Mississippi

Essay by Dells October 2004

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Mississippi Burning is a film about racism and prejudice expressed towards colored people in the southern United States. This movie is centered around two FBI agents going to Mississippi to investigate the disappearance of three college protesters fighting for the rights of African Americans. This movie is visually astonishing by the director making specific choices in the film, so it is further effective for the audience. In the film Mississippi Burning the music, lighting, and camera movement contribute to the theme and mood of the picture.

In this film, music is used to intensify the general effect of the movies atmosphere. For instance, at the beginning of the picture, the audience heard very soothing, yet sad gospel music. Demonstrating the enormous amounts of pain and sorrow black people must feel and yet still have such a strong faith is admirable. The music in contrast with a house burning down added an eerie effect to the scene by making the audience empathize with their situation.

Similarly, when the Ku Klux Klan gathers outside the church and begins a massive fight with the entire congregation, the viewers hear no cries of pain, but yet again gospel music plays. Watching this is very painful, especially observing the blood shed and the members of the Ku Klux Klan beating on the colored people as if they are of lesser value. In conclusion, when a black farther is hung we once again hear beautiful gospel music. When hearing this music, you can not help but feel sorry for the father as his only crime is being born a Negro. Furthermore, the hate the "members" display toward the black race, is for no other reason that they non white. The music is used very well in this movie to obtain a sense of pity for the...