How burns heal.

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A burn is an injury caused by excessive energy transferred to the body. There are four

different kinds of burns. The first type of burn is a thermal burn. A thermal burn is caused by an

external heat source that causes the temperature of the skin and tissue cells in the skin to rise

which causes the cells to get damaged or die. Thermal burns are usually caused by coming in

contact with open flames, hot metals, or scalding liquids. The second type of burns are radiation

burns. Radiation burns are be caused by extended exposure to radiation, such as Ultra-Violet

radiation from the sun. The third type of burns are Chemical burns. Chemical burns are caused

by coming in contact with strong acids or alkalies. The last type of burns are electrical burns.

Electrical burns are burn from coming in contact with an electrical current.

Along with the four types of burns, there are also three different classifications on the

levels of the severity of the burn.

The least severe level of burn is called a first-degree burn or a

superficial burn. A first degree burn only affects the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. An

example of a first-degree burn is a sun-burn. First degree burns do not usually have any long term

affects but sun-burns have been known to cause skin cancer.

First-degree burns are very minor an heal quite easily. In the area around the burn and

undamaged skin cells in the basale, or deepest layer of the epidermis grow and begin to spread out

over wound until it is covered. A hormone called epidermal growth factor causes the basale

epidermal skin cells to multiply until the skin reaches it original thickness.

The next level of burn is called a second degree burn or...