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You can't go to the grocery store without hearing chatter about the upcoming elections. You can't push your way through a crowd without hearing whispers about who's going to win. You can't slip through a gap in the line for the movies without hearing muttered complaints about a bad president, and you can't pass a day without wondering if you're going to cast your ballot for the better presidential candidate. You can't flow through your day without thinking, hearing, or talking politics. Especially since the presidential elections are so near.

President George W. Bush is running for president a second time, as part of the Republican Party. He was born on July 6, 1946, in a town called New Haven Connecticut. President Bush has a history of presidents in his family, considering his father, George H. W. Bush, was our nation's 41st president. He has served our country in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, and he earned his Master's Degree from Harvard Business School.

President Bush then moved back to his childhood town of Midland, Texas, and married Laura Welch. The two now have twin daughters.

Senator John F. Kerry is running for the Democratic Party. He was born on December 11, 1943, in Aurora, Colorado. Senator Kerry's father was a pilot in the U.S. Army Corps and worked as a diplomat later on for the U.S. State Department. He graduated from Yale University, and later served as a U.S. Navy lieutenant in Vietnam. This earned him a Silver Star for bravery, a Bronze Star for his valor in combat, and three Purple Heart Medals. Kerry has married twice, and his second wife, Teresa Heinz, often accompanies Senator Kerry on the campaign trail, along with his two daughters and three stepsons who are also very supportive...