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"There ought to be limits to freedom"(George W. Bush) these are the words of the leader of the United States of America, George W. Bush. A man who wants to limit freedom, which is defined to be limitless, is not the type of man fit to govern a country, and should not be permitted for re-election, if not revoked of his office sooner. George W. Bush's presidency has been the source of many flawed decisions, which spawned many of America's economic, political, and military hardships. Things such as: problems in the Middle East, and war, the country's difficulties with foreign relations, and the current economical situation in the U.S. have been further aggravated, if not cased by Bush.

The situation in the Middle East has never been a good one. With Bush's "War on Terror" Bush hoped to pinpoint one hot spot of terrorism and suppress it. This plan made the people of the U.S.

feel safe. They could see on their TV's the news of U.S. and U.N. troops suppressing terrorism in Iraq, but really they were only suppressing the terrorism that they created, by invading Iraq. and so the sense of safety and reassurance felt by American people was false, especially since while Bush focused and concentrated so much on Iraq he over looked many other middle eastern problems such as: the rebounding Taliban in Afghanistan, the once again escalating tension between Israel and Palestine, and the unstable new alliance with Saudi Arabia, a former home to much anti-American terrorism (schneer 1).

A mere 9% of Americans believe that America's relations with its allies have improved since Bush took office (CBS 1). This means that the vast majority (91%) of Americans feel that Bush is not doing his job in maintaining and strengthening the U.S. alliances. In fact,