Bush Skit - Knowledge Justifications are Flawed.

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****This is a skit to explain how methods that we use to justify knowledge, such as perception, memory, and divine revelation, are flawed****

*desk with chair; bed next to window with one alien hiding behind bed*

(Bush is at desk, writing his diary before going to bed)

Narrator: There are many ways of attaining knowledge. We tend to trust many of these methods very readily. But the truth is that every method is flawed in one way or another. Furthermore, knowledge builds on top of each other through reasoning and consensus, making them even more unreliable. For example, let us take a look in the White House. Bush is writing his diary before he goes to sleep.

Bush: Today was sunny. I had a break, so I went riding with a horse in the desert. After a while I got a little tired so I used the GPS system and started to go back home.

But then, in the middle of nowhere, I saw a UFO! It was hazy, but I saw it for sure. I checked on my GPS but there shouldn't have been anything there. There was this big green round disk in the middle of the desert. I got afraid so I walked around it, making sure I was well away from the mysterious object. It looked like a UFO...Nahhh. It can't be. UFO's don't exist. It must have been a mirage.

Tomorrow I have a military budget check so I have to go to sleep now. My plan is to use more money on jets and less on missiles because those are too dangerous.

(Bush gets up and starts walking towards bed)

Bush: But what if it was a real UFO...No. That isn't possible.

(Bush reaches bed and kneels to say prayers. He gets on knees,