Bush on Stem Cells

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The purpose of the President's discussion on stem cell research was to express his personal beliefs on the matter. President Bush is a catholic man and that is evident in this article. The main reason that he wrote these words against stem cell research is because he believes the research to be immoral.

President Bush goes on to say that his family and friends could benefit from stem cells also but it is still morally wrong so he doesn't support it. This seems to me to be a psychological tactic; he personalizes it so it seems to effects him also. I think he does this to brainwash the public into thinking if he doesn't support it when it affects him so closely than neither do I. The reason that he is against the research is because of his own personal religious believes. We live in a country that's first rule is that we be granted the right to religious freedom.

The fact that we have a man in control of that same country, with such a bias against the matter, that he is willing to delay medical research just because of his own personal religious beliefs is absurd. Yes, a good majority of the United States does follow the same religion as he, but many of them would allow this beneficial research to happen. What he is trying to do is protect the beliefs of one religion in this land of the free, but what he is doing is telling any other religion that your beliefs don't matter here, now that I'm boss.

He speaks of if he were to support the funding of the research that he in turn would be forcing the American public to financially support something they may not morally support. The thing is, in his...