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In the last few weeks there has been a major question that has not been answered by the Bush administration. This question affects the largest majority of the American people, and should be one of Bush's foremost concerns: What is the President going to do if re-elected to help the middle class? Bush is avoiding the issues of tax cuts, minimum wage, rising healthcare and gas prices by giving half answers, and redirecting the subject. Bush is putting this nation in a dangerous situation. The United States of America's economy may not survive another presidential term with Bush in office. Bush is too convicted to his idea of being consistent, and this is his greatest weakness. Being flexible to the changing needs of our country is key to making it a great nation. We as a people have to look at Bush's stance on the majority of our population, the middle class, and see that he has no real plan for saving the economy.

President Bush is confident that he can save the economy. He seems to have an idea for everything. He wants to fight the war on terror, set up local community healthcare centers, and increase funding for college financial aid, raise accounts for training American jobs, issue tax credits for American's buying hybrid cars, health savings accounts for poor families to be able to afford healthcare, and a $40 billion invested in wetland preservations. What seems clear by this is that he knows what's wrong, but doesn't have a clue on how to fix it. With all the proposed improvements, there is no way to afford the changes proposed. Bush thinks he can just run up our National Debt forever. This will lead to raising taxes, cutting funding to other critical parts of America, and the...