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Service Web Site Review

TONI&GUY is an international company offering the best in creative hairstyling to suit the individual needs of the selective client. TONI&GUY hairdressing was founded in London over thirty years ago by Toni and Guy Mascolo, two Italian brothers. Today, the company has over 250 salons worldwide and each TONI&GUY salon is run by a team which includes a salon manager, an assistant manager, a salon coordinator and an educational director. This team ensures that a good service level is maintained and also that all the stylists are knowledgeable of the latest styling trends.

TONY&GUY believes that continuing education is the key to individual development and personal motivation. It has Basic Academies and Advance Academy located in some parts of the world. TONY&GUY is an interpreter of fashion because of the belief that it only becomes fashion when people wear it. That is why every collection is created with flexibility in mind so that styles can be interpreted for each client's unique face shape and lifestyle.

The TONY&GUY philosophy is to make each client 'Feel Good and Look Good' . That is why education is never compromised. TONY&GUY's unique standard of quality is achieved by constantly updating stylist and technicians with the latest trends and techniques and the company prides itself in quality customer service.

From its web site, I can see that the company does a really nice job for web site design and lay out, but not much effort in conveying the eleven e-SQ dimensions. These are some reasons and examples of what I think. In 11 dimensions :

Access :

Their web site is one of the site that I know is easy to access. It is simple and organized. I can find their web site under www.tony-guy.com

Ease of navigation :

For this,