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Date: July 10, 2005

To: All Free Falling Corporate. Office Employees

From: Someone Homework

Subject: Schedule and Procedures for office move this weekend

On Friday July 15 2005 at 12:00p.m., noon our office will close to the public in preparation for the move to our new facility. Please pack the contents in your work area, including any items on the wall, in the boxes provided. Extra boxes and packing materials are available in the mailroom or contact your floor move coordinator; see attachment for floor coordinator assignment. Take any personal or valuable items home with you as the company is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

Additionally, the labels provided for the move are for BOXES ONLY do not use them on the computer hardware equipment as it can cause damage to the equipment. The Information Service Department will be responsible for labeling, disconnecting, moving and reconnecting your equipment.

Please do not attempt to do it yourself.

Time will be set aside on Monday morning to unpack and settle into the new space. As you empty your boxes, please break them down and place them in the identified bins located by the elevator on each floor. Maintenance crews will be picking them up through out the day.

Our office will reopen for business at 1:00 p.m. With everyone's cooperation the move will be less disruptive to customers and less stressful to us.

Thank you,


Enclosure: Floor Coordinator Listing