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My Autobiography

My name is Amanda Prout. I was born in Shawnee Mission, Kansas on August 21, 1988. My mother was water skiing at the moment I was born. Well actually I was adopted. So when I was born, in a hospital, the lady I call mom now was out skiing on a lake somewhere. When I was two days old I was picked up from the hospital by my new parents and moved to Blue Springs, Missouri.

As I grew my grandmother watched me a lot. My parents had to work a lot. So my grandma was my babysitter. When I was almost two or so my dads work got flooded and they transferred him to St. Louis. We moved to Barnhart. There, I was an only child until I was eight. When I turned 8 my parents decided to become foster parents. I was excited at the idea of having siblings.

So when we got a call from DFS about a 4-year-old boy named A.J. and a 2-month-old baby girl named Mariah I said "mommy say yes! say yes!"

Until I was about 9 it was just them and me. They had an older brother named Danny who we then took in. He was 12 and was a "bad boy" as some would say...doing things he shouldn't, so he caused a lot of problems and got me into a lot of trouble with him.

After a while we adopted all 3 of them and they became an official part of our family. After that we decided the house we lived in was too small so we moved into a house we had built in Imperial. I changed schools from Windsor to Seckman Elementary and began my sixth grade year.

Upon entering school that year life had become...