Business Analysis of MALEV Hungarian Airlines 2007

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Hungary-BudapestIntroductionThe aim of the study is to give assistance to the England based Groswenor Company Ltd. which is proposes to hoard the Malev Hungarian Airlines in the near future. This case study provides an overview of the current situation of Malev, introduced and analysed with full particulars the airline and reveal the company's strong points and weeknesses. Additional purposes of the study to analyse the global travel trends and block in the airline industry.

In the first part of the study we analyze in details Malev's macro environment and business activity by the Pestel analysis, to pan out about the political, environmental, socio-cultural, technology and economy highlights.

The second part of the study will introduce The Porter's Five Force Model which is construes the 5 forces that determine the attractiveness of the airline market.

In the third division we outline the Business Strategy Analysis of Malev and the Current Situation -Expanding Travel Possibilities Across The Atlantic through the perspectives of the Malev's strategic Map.

Finally we would like to analyze the generic value-adding activities of the Hungarian Airlines by the Value Chain analysis, introduce the Ansoff Matrix which helps to find the best stragies for growth and analyze the Marketing Mix elements which are relate to the organization's marketing strategy at the Malev Hungarian Airlines.

PESTEL analysis of the Hungarian airlinesMalev wants to fight for its passengersThe Hungarian airline tries harder to compete with the low fare airlines: it introduced journeys to some Near-East and European destinations only for 14900 Hungarian Forints (around 80 Euros). Of course Lufthansa joined to the price competition as well. It offers round trips between Budapest and other European cities for 30000 Forints. It was announced that cheap tickets would be available by Malev for autumn trips. However these tickets must be bought in...