Business And Economy In The 1900's

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Business and Economy Great news! Business and economy is booming! Henry Bessemer has just discovered a new, faster way to make steel. Before now, steel took weeks of steady heating, which made the metal very expensive. The Age of Steel is at hand! At the same time as Bessemer was making steel, society was making inventions faster than ever. The first practical electric light was invented, the radio, telephones, flight, and Henry Ford manufactured cars on the world's first assembly line.

If we live in such a modern time, then why do more than half of all hospital patients die? A Scottish surgeon named Joseph Lister thought that is hospitals were cleaner then the number of patients that recovered would increase drastically. It turns out that this assumption was true.

During this flurry of discoveries, inventions, and new ideas scientists began to ponder the greatest question of all time; Where are we from? British biologist Charles Darwin wrote several books, teachings, and informative writings.

He soon developed the theory of evolution.

Even during this time and age, women faced economic problems every single day. Women earned half as much as men for doing the same job. Unions started getting higher wages for men in the mid-1800's, however, few unions would allow women to join. This made women fight for the rights that they justly deserved. This was one the biggest economic problem of the 1900's.

A new kind of business has taken the world in a giant sweep, mass culture. Sports, art, movies among other things swept through the country taken the world by storm. This mass culture would bring a lot of money to the economy.

In other news, Europe's economy is not doing so great. Britain is being forced to give Ireland its independence. That's about all the news that is happening right now in business and economy. Good day to you all.