Business approach to Change in Government

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this paper is focus on recommendations to change the polarized status quo, deal with the collective stress in the aftermath of the campaign and election of 2004 presidential election of the United States.


The people of America spoke and they chose the direction they want the country to take in the next four years. The country affirmed that the direction we have taken the last four years is a direction we want to continue. Much work remains to be done.

We will bring the existing and new members of Congress together in a way that respects our philosophy of government but includes and accommodates important components/values of members of the other party to form one thoughtful, meaningful policy for social security, the economy and the war on terrorism, "Out of many ideas, one." We will be specifying those issue areas and determine best approach for demonstrating our interest in bringing everyone together.

We will look at the different stages and aspects that need to be analyzed in order to get our country back on track. These aspects will include organizational culture, socialization, mentoring, change models and managing resistance to change, organizational development, and managing stress.

Organizational Culture

The first policy that must be agreed upon by the new administration is their organizational structure. To be successful they must share the same values, beliefs and envision the same conceptual framework for understanding the new administration's culture. Each member of the team should be made aware of the observable artifacts, those things such as acronyms, manner of dress and standards of being in the public eye. The administration will want to achieve a professional, yet approachable reputation, stand firm and united in what the entire administration stands for. It is critical when speaking or being...