Business to business (B2B) and business to commerce in the world today.

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According to Freeman, it was estimate that business to business (B2B) is "expected to grow to at least ten trillion dollars by 2005 and will continue to be the major component of the e-business" and that by the year 2003, the global business to business market will be in the range of $1.1 to $4 trillion (principle and practice). Industries such as chemicals, computing electronics, utilities, agricultural, shipping and warehousing, motor vehicles, petrochemicals, papers and office products are expected to grow by some 10 percent. In this paper I will use three different websites such as, and to analyze and justify the how these sites are set up for value-added suppliers and other business users. Attached will be a completed University of Phoenix material with the title "analysis task chart" for each of those websites.

Business to business commerce can be conducted directly between a buyer and a seller or via an online intermediary.

Some of the key entities of business to business commerce are selling company, buying company, electronic intermediary, trading platform, payment services, logistics provider network platform, protocols of communication, other service and back-end integration. When dealing with business to business, an intermediary have to exist because they act as an organization, a person, or an electronic system which can make the supply chains more efficient and effective. "Generally, businesses use B2B to eliminate paper-based systems, expedite cycle time, reduce errors, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer services and partnership relationship management" (principles and practices).

While visiting, I notice that their primary business functions is to exploit and create business value in the area of outbound logistics, marketing and sales. They offer services such as software licensing sales and support, world-class logistics services, and state-of-the-art e-business solutions. Their market segmentation is geographic...