Business Culture in China

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Target Audience

Training department for Superstore, Inc.

Superstore, Inc. has recently expanded their operations into the Chinese market and needs to train their employees on the differences of Chinese business culture from our own.

Background Information

Chines culture differs that that of the culture of the United States in many ways.

China has been a communist country since 1982.

Chinese Culture is deeply based on the ideas and beliefs of Confucianism.

Chinese people are very family oriented and develop very close personal contacts.

China is a considered a collectivist country and believe that they are stronger as a unit than as an individual.

The official spoken language of China is Mandarin. There are 7 different dialect that are spoken throughout the different regions. However there is only 1 written language that is universally used throughout the country.

Religion - The Chinese government officially recognizes the following religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism.

Main Issues

Business Protocol


Handshakes are a commonly accepted greeting in China. Many times they will cover the traditional handshake with their left hand as well.

It is expected to slightly bow your head when greeting. Do not bow at the waist, this is commonly confused with the Japanese culture.

Be sure to numerous business cards on you at all times. When presenting a business card, make sure that the writing is facing the recipient and it is presented with both hands. The same holds true when receiving a business card, you should receive it with both hands and keep it in your hand or place on a table in front of you until the encounter has concluded.

Punctuality - punctuality in Chines culture is extremely important. You are expected to never be late, or too early. Being too early displays a lack of...