Business Data Networks and Communications Impact of Viruses on Networks

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Karin Bean

Assignment II

November 28, 2004

Computer Viruses have brought a lot of chaos and confusion to many computer users, and are damaging to all enterprises using LANs and WAN. The latest wave of computer-borne viruses and worms shows just how vital it is for firms, to ensure that their IT departments are up-to-date with virus definitions and keep their anti virus programs on the highest level of maintenance to fight invasion.

What is a Virus?

Computer Virus - is a potentially damaging computer program that infects your computer.

The Program alters the way your computer works without your knowledge or permission.

Once the virus is in your computer, it can spread throughout and can damage your operating system.

Types of Viruses

To name a few Trojan Horses, Worms, Boot sector viruses, Flash Crowds, Weeds, and Flying Dutchmen/Zombie viruses are threats to computers.

What do they do and how do they work

Trojan Horse Virus .A

Trojan horse is a program that hides within your files, and looks like a real program. Usually, a specific action taken by the user triggers the virus. Unlike most other viruses, the Trojan horse does not replicate itself to other computers.

Boot Sector Virus. This virus is also known as a system virus. Usually executes when a computer is started up, because the virus is hidden in the boot sector. Even if the disk is not a boot disk, any virus on the boot sector of the floppy disk can infect the computer's hard disk.

Worms. The viruses copy themselves repeatedly in memory, or on a hard drive, until no space remains. Worm viruses can even copy themselves to other computers within a local area network.

Flying Dutchman. This is a freeloader program that becomes immortal, without paying for the resources that it...