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I currently reside in the state of California. There are many business formation codes in the state of California. General provisions of the California Corporations Code governing corporations are as follows:

* Stock corporations section 100 et seq.

Nonprofit corporations

Public Benefit corporations section 5110 et seq.

Mutual Benefit corporations section 7110 et seq.

Religious corporations section 9110 et seq.

Foreign corporations section 2100 et seq.

* Limited Liability Companies section 17000 et seq.

* Limited Partnerships section 15611 et seq.

* General Partnerships section 16100 et seq.

* Limited Liability Partnerships section 16951 et seq.

* Trademarks and Service Marks section 14200 et seq.

The address of California's state corporation commission is 1515 K Street, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95814. Telephone: 1 (866) ASK-CORP or (866) 275-2677. Fax: (916) 445-7975. Web Site:

The process for obtaining an annual filing report for a corporation currently registered in California, you have to complete a form from the Secretary of State office.

You attach a check made payable to the Secretary of State for the appropriate amount or an amount not to exceed a specified amount written below the amount payable line, and submit the request:

* By mail, along with a self-addressed envelope, to Secretary of State, Certification and Records, 1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814. You have to refer to Business Entities Mail Processing Times for current mail processing times.

* In person, to the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento. A special handling fee of $10.00 per entity is applicable for any information requested over the counter except status reports.

The company that I work for is in formation of corporation. It is helpful of knowing to different formations of starting your own business. As business changes, needs may evolve such that a change...