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(Unit 3)

Task 1 - Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture

Task 2 - Understand different approaches to management and leadership

Task 3 - Understand ways of using motivational theories in organisations

Task 4 - Understand mechanisms for developing effective teamwork

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Task 1 - Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture

Structure and culture in organisations

According to Meyer (2013), there is a popular belief that culture will influence structure in an organisation.

Organizational structure

Organisational structure in an organisation is adopted in order to define, implement and monitor policy and to allow direction to the business of the organization. The leadership of the organisation settles the strategic choice which will determine the organisational structure. The leadership may be represented by individuals from varied sectors like the civil service departments (Minister of Higher Education), fast moving consumer goods (CEO of Pick and Pay) or any other private industry, like CEO of Stanlib.

Organisational structure may be considered the backbone of the organisation as it indicates the power focus at any given time.

In the competitive market environment to most encountered structures that we can find are the organic structures because they are regarded as being dynamic and flexible, and are accommodating employee initiatives.

The structure which is commonly found in the public domain is the bureaucratic mechanistic structure, because the organisations are more rigid and inflexible.

[Meyer, 2013, Structure and Culture in organizations]

There are several types of organisational structure, like:

Functional Structure

This structure is made so that each portion of an organisation is divided in groups according to the purpose. These groups may be the marketing department, sales department, production department. This way each department will depend on the knowledge and skills of its...