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In my session long project I will be talking about how our unit in the military handles morale problems/concerns. Every case that is brought to the attention of the chain of command is handled in a different manner. One of the concerns that I have noticed being a technician is that when a morale concern arises the facts are not appropriately. As an enlisted soldier I was an equal opportunity advisor to the commander. The one problem that I saw before my eyes is that soldiers sometimes are afraid to address their concerns. Soldiers sometimes believe if they bring an issue or concern up it can affect them if the superiors do not like them. To correct this concern with soldiers in the unit I had to win there confidence for them to trust me that keeping information that can hinder the units mission can affect soldier's morale. By doing this I sat with each soldier bringing in their concerns at had them in a relaxed environment to ensure they were talking to someone that was willing to listen to them.

When talking to soldiers bringing up there concern one of the first things I ask them is whether they want to go informal or formal. Going informal usually the commander will talk to the other person and inform them that any other issues brought up to him from other soldiers can result in being punished in the military under the uniform military code of justice. If they go formal with a complaint the investigating officer has 60 days to complete the investigation and submit the results to the Department of the Army for the final conclusion. This has become a very effective tool we use in the military to take care of soldiers.

In conclusion, sometimes you have...