Business on a global scale

Essay by rock4life June 2006

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Business is on a global scale in today's market place. The growth and expansion of business beyond the borders of ones own country is a natural evolution that has been dramatic in recent years. Companies continue to expand to increase sales, gain a competitive advantage, and to create economies of scale. Developing countries such as India are in desperate need for an economical personal computer that could be owned by the majority of its population. The "$ 100 computer" is the solution but there are challenges to doing business with India. Cultural differences, Economic conditions, Political and legal forces are all important considerations when operating in India.

The CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer stated "Offer consumers in emerging countries a low-cost PC, Ballmer said." There has to be...a $100 computer to go down-market in some of these countries. We have to engineer (PCs) to be lighter and cheaper," he said."

"PCs are not selling to the lower end of the population in China and India."1 Therefore bringing the $100 PC to India involves understanding India's cultural differences. Although the world has become a global village, cultural differences prevail and their influence on business has to be taken into account. We have to be able to understand different customs, values and attitudes and try to overcome cultural barriers. Understanding cultural differences is one of the most significant aspects of being successful in any international business. A lack of knowledge with the business practices, social customs, and etiquette of India can weaken our company's position in the market, prevent us from accomplishing our objectives, and ultimately lead to failure. One of the most interesting features about India, that observers would appreciate, is the size and diversity of this country. India is the seventh largest country in the world in...