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There are many factors that contribute to the business influences. The intention of this paper is to explain not only the type of business but also few of the key economical, government, legal influences in the following businesses: Riordan Manufacturing, Huffman Trucking, Kudler Find Foods, McBride Financial Services, The Elias Group and Smith Systems Consulting. Riordan ManufacturingRiordan Manufacturing is multi-million dollar plastic Manufacturing Corporation that has four locations of which three a located in North America and one in China. Riordan Manufacturing presently employs a company wide total of 550 employees and is owned by Riordan Industries, which is a Fortune 1000 company. There are many key economic influences with-in Riordan. Riordan's expectations for the inflation rate are causative to the elevation of oil prices. The company anticipated a decline in the velocity of labor production, which contributes to higher inflation expectations. Contributing to lower inflation expectations is "productivity gains" because they are still being developed.

Riordan predicts that the Federal Reserve policies will hold back inflation, tough competition in the market, and strong international economic competition. (University of Phoenix 2005) There has been a minor decline in the estimation of economic growth through the years of 200 and 2006 because of the trade shortage which has been an issue that is persistent in reducing business estimations for economic growth. Another major reason for the decline in economic growth is the high oil prices. On a lighter note, consumer demands persevere as strong as ever with the added higher expectations of capital spending. (2005, Economic Forecast for Riordan Manufacturing)To minimize the government budget deficit from extremely high-levels, in 2005, The University of Phoenix says the company should expect a much slower increase in government spending, with a probable increase for the 2006 tax year. All during the time that Federal...