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January 23, 2005

Costumer Service Representative

Bose Factory Store

3026 Outlet Drive

Edinburgh Outlet Center

Edinburgh, IN 46124

I am interested in receiving more information on the Bose Acoustic Mass 10 and Bose Acoustic Mass 6 stereo systems that you offer. I have been researching your systems and what you offer with your systems. I am looking for more specific information about the differences between your stereo systems.

Bose is the leading home theater system and has the best quality of sound. I have researched the testimonials on the Bose Systems and there are virtually no negative comments. Your speakers are as small as a coffee cup and put out better sound than then bigger speakers from other manufacturers. How are your speakers so small and still put out the best sound?

I have noticed from your website that the Acoustic Mass 10 has more speakers than the Acoustic Mass 6.

There are not specifics on the wattages that each system has to offer. I would believe that the more speakers there are the more wattage that would be put out. How much more wattage is in the Acoustic Mass 10 compared to the Acoustic Mass 6?

In the Acoustic Mass 6 there are 5 speakers and a bass box and in the Acoustic mass 10 there are 10 speakers and a bass box. There is a $300 hundred dollar cost difference on the two systems. The systems are both expensive and would look like they were not as good as the bigger systems that cost less. Why do your systems cost so much, but are so small compared to other manufacturers systems?

The quality of your surround sound systems has a good reputation. I have been in many homes with the systems mainly positioned the same way. I...