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In this report we will address what business intelligence systems and software is and how it can help our business as well as what kind of information and data analysis capabilities are provided through the various reporting methods. We will also determine what hardware and system software would be required in order to run this application. In addition, we will evaluate some of the major vendors of business intelligence systems software and their products.

The acquisition of a business intelligence system would greatly any business in its capacity and innovation. Business intelligence systems will enable management and employees to maximize their ability to utilize, share and leverage raw data pertaining to the company operations across the organization in an integrated and analytical manner resulting in the incrimination of opportunities for a competitive advantage. Business intelligence systems and software are an integration of applications and technologies designed to improve the operations, efficiency and create a competitive advantage of business' through the full utilization and analysis of organizational data and information.

Through the analysis of an organization's data, business intelligence systems will aid the organization by creating a total understanding and knowledge of its business operations.

This system will give the organization ability to grow and compete with the utilization of data pertaining to sales, production, employees, internal operations such identifying changes in trends, performance, company projects, market share, sales, customer behavior, as well as customer spending patterns, preferences, and market conditions.

a)A data warehouse is the main location for an organization's complete available historical data, its foundation for organizational knowledge. The data warehouse contains an organization's data which is essentially the input of raw materials for management decisions (Inmon, W.H. Tech Topic: What is a Data Warehouse? Prism Solutions, Volume 1. 1995).

b)Data mining is the complex search action of large...