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Montreal Retina Institute

Presented to: Dr. Alexandra Panaccio


Dupuis, Nicolas-6769284

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Comm 222-Section BB

John Molson School of Business

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



n today's fast paced world, one is often required to maintain relationships and communication with others in the workplace while juggling between work and personal life. Trying to find work-life balance and entertaining positive interactions with peers can be overwhelming. As such, these individuals are exposed to several occupational hazards; namely conflicts and stress. These factors play a significant role on a firm's productivity and performance as they can deplete a limited energy resource and can lead to emotional exhaustion (Totterdell et al. 2012). However, if managed efficiently, organizations can benefit from these inescapable exposures and enjoy increased team spirit, workers' stimulation and communication (Gregorio et al. 2012). With the purpose of understanding what causes high turnover, low employee morale, and employees' attitude towards conflict and stress, interviews were conducted to provide an overview of the organization and current issues affecting the organization.

Afterwards, an analysis was made on the different types of conflicts, the sources of these conflicts, and how to manage them. Furthermore, the Job Demands-Resources model was used to better understand the causes of stress in the workplace and how to address them as this theory can predict burnout and work engagement (Demerouti & Bakker, 2011). To conclude, several recommendations and suggestions were provided to the targeted organization to manage and overcome these potential and/or existing vulnerabilities.

1.1 Company Description

The Montreal Retina Institute (MRI) is a private eye clinic located in Westmount. It was founded by Dr. John C. Chen, one of the most reputable retina surgeon of the industry. Consequently, MRI occupies a large portion of market share which places...