Business Law "Interference with Contact".

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I did my research about the article discussed in this paper at the Arapahoe Community Collage library. I searched in library web sides to find more than one article. I found a lot of interesting articles there. Nevertheless, "Interference with Contact" seemed to me the most relevant in light of my knowledge I have acquired. The article is easy to understand and talks about a common problem in business law.

The article "Interference with Contact" describes situation in which a bank was found not liable for tortious interference when it used information from commercial customer's loan application internally to consider another commercial customer's loan application. The case was heard on January 2004 in the Rhode Island Supreme Court. The parties in this case are Read and Lundy, Inc and Washington Trust Co. of Westerly. Two employees of Read and Lundy, Dennis Bibeau and Michael Brier applied for a loan at Washington Trust to purchase their employer company.

The loan denied, so they started a competing company, Consigned Systems, Inc. When CSI then applied for a loan at this same bank, the bank allegedly used confidential information it had obtained from the earlier loan application in considering CSI's application.

The main issues in this case are whether the bank was liable for any of the following cases of action: breach of contact, tortious interference with contact, and misappropriation of trade secrets. Fist of all as to breach the contact there is a requirement that a contact exists between two or more parties who agree, for consideration, to perform or to refrain from performing some legal act now or in the future. Second of all, if plaintiff claims that defendant interfered with plaintiff's contract, he has to prove each of the following in order to establish the claim: plaintiff had a...