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Giovanni 11/25/01 Here's a list of proposals: To finish the contracted job for the balance due 3,000.00 1.Replace mismatching cabinet doors 2.Center lower cabinets below sink due to improper construction 3.Repair bubbles under laundry room and kitchen floor due to residue during installation 4.Install sliding drawers under cabinet 5.Replace entrance trim exiting laundry to rear door due to improper installation 6.Install all trim and baseboards 7.Repair all damage incurred during installation of kitchen a. Swinging door entry and door mounting b. Hole in wall c. Paint damaged portion of walls due to hole and removal of swinging door d. Repair damage to gate entrance to backyard e. Level and re-secure dishwasher 8.Build and install overhead light fixture as per agreement. If fixture is to be built by an outside contractor, we will meet and discuss plans together.

To agree on a change order to finish for 1,500.00

1. Agree to disregard items 1,2,3 and 5 as stated above.

2.Take into consideration the amount of my time and money spent to repair a large portion of unacceptable, or unfinished construction.

3.Repair all damage as stated in 7 above.

4.Build and install light as stated in 8 above.

5.Finish in a timely fashion On this change order I am willing to offer my labor to help in anyway possible.

I would also like to state that a lot of the misfortune all of us have incurred was not directly of our own doing. Your cabinet builders, for example, and various subcontractors working for ABBA CONSTRUCTION, have put us in this situation.

I hope we can come to an agreement on this situation soon as it has been almost two years since this project started and I believe we both would like to sit down and watch some Monday Night Football.