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Managers will approach techniques consistent with their experience, intuition, judgment and beliefs. The Greeks recognized management as a separate art. A manager is not just somebody in control of others; it is a responsibility just as all employees have a responsibility. The company I work for, Shore Total Office, is disorganized and the management is under qualified. The management at Shore struggles to achieve goals with minimal experience and resources. The use of management functions should be improved and managers fail to see that the company can expand and benefit from technology improvements. Their focus remains on expenses and not the profitable outcome. The four management functions should be reevaluated at Shore Total Office and I will be discussing the appropriate functions in this paper.

PlanningManagement planning is to focus on strategic goals and initiatives to deliver value. Planning is one of the four management functions of systematically making decisions to achieve the goals of a company.

All members of an organization should be well aware of company goals and management should make every effort to enforce them. The ability to look ahead is necessary for strategic management planningTo carry on strategic value in a company is a consistent process. At Shore Total Office, the managers meet regularly to focus on strategic goals and use feedback from customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to identify and create new opportunities. Costs must sustain a competitive advantage in the market place. The management at Shore interacts with the outside environment to gather inputs and make necessary changes to product prices. Shore offers prices that are attractive to consumers and they research other company prices to keep up profits. Quality is and always has been important to consumers. The quality of products at Shore, including its attractiveness, lack of defects, and reliability is enforced...