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Being a manager, there are a lot of roles to take on. "Firstly a manager is responsible for making things happen." (Management Resources, Inc., Web) Managers are often the step between an employee and the human resources department. They are the people who others turn to for guidance and for help on given situations.

Interview questions:1.Tell me about the personnel functions that you have been in control of and how you effectively managed them.

2. What components do you believe are important for a personnel review program? Have you implemented this before?3. Effective communication is one of the most important steps that a company can take. What types of communication are the most relevant to you that have been most successful and how will you get others to follow suit?4. Imagine two employees who are both excellent workers, but have a personality conflict, so much so that it interferes with their work performance.

How would you deal with this situation and why?5. What is a grievance process and tell me a time that you were involved, the problem, the steps, your position, and the outcome.

6.How would you motivate employees to work, work efficiently, and improve their skill?7.What would you do to ensure employee success within the company to reduce turnover?In order to be effective and with the skills that I would be looking for, I would expect to hire someone with a Bachelor's Degree in Management or similar degree with experience or a Master's Degree in Management or related field. I would seek a candidate that is well-rounded in understanding the fundamentals of management to show that there is a successful streak. The manager is usually the educator for the department in the company and professional developer for the employees. This type of responsibility requires someone...