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Semicka Ware

April 5, 2014


1-3: Final Project Milestone #1: Proposal

I have chosen to conduct research on a clothing store by the name of Wet Seal Inc., a privately held company for my final project. It is one of a few leading clothing retailers for teens and young adults. I chose this company because I am often shopping in this store for all of the products that they offer. The company is committed to delivering fashion in a way that is different and demanding from its buyers. Their goal is to offer what their customers desire by keeping abreast on the latest styles and fashions. The company takes a lot of risk with certain styles and designs in hopes that its customers will like their fresh ideas.

My role as a stakeholder would be one of which I have made an investment within the company which makes me have an interest in the failure and success of Wet Seal Inc.

Stakeholders must always ensure that their decision making for the business is doing little or no harm to society and the environment. They may choose to use alternate resources if they realize that current resources are becoming scarce. The stakeholders who hold interest in the company are ISS Group, Egan-Jones, and Clinton Group. Their role is to ensure that their skills and taste are comparable with the company's trends that they deliver to its customers. If fashions are not produced to its customer's likings, there is a possibility that the company sales could decline.

As I research this company, I hope to gain more knowledge on how the company came about opening its subsidiary company and its totally different fashions. In addition, I will research any all information on the history, stores, and revenues of the company.