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1. Which type of virtual work arrangement (telecommuting, hotel-based worker, tethered worker, home worker, or mobile worker) do you believe reaps the most benefits for the organization and the worker? Explain your answer; be as specific as possible.

Advances in computer technology such as faster processors and better data compression schemes have made it possible to integrate audio and video data into the computing environment. Desktop videoconferencing (DVCS), has become possible by adding software and hardware to standard desktop computers and is gaining acceptance as a viable telecommunications technology.

Desktop videoconferencing is quickly emerging as a viable technology for small group or one-on-one communication from a distance. Most commercially available desktop videoconferencing systems allow users to send and receive video, audio, and computer files. Other features include windows for a shared clipboard, notes and a chalkboard. Some desktop videoconferencing systems also offer real-time application sharing. Application sharing significantly increases the benefits of videoconferencing by facilitating interaction that inherently reduces project through put time.

Videoconferencing is the process of using appropriate hardware and software to conduct a conference between groups of people, not physically located, in the same place. Video conferencing technology allows two or more people, in different locations, to see and hear each other at the same time, sometimes even sharing computer applications for collaboration. This technology offers many possibilities for distance learning, including communicating with speakers, collaborating on projects and sharing ideas. Placing a video call is similar to making a phone call, except that in addition to hearing the voice of the other person, you can see his image, share applications and documents, collaborate on document and project development, transfer files, and chat on a given topic. Most of these features can be shared among several people in various locations around the world who are participating in...