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My chosen company for this assignment is the company I work for - ROSEMARY'S RESTAURANT.

Rosemary Restaurant is a private catering organization, which operates within the University of Art London under license.

The restaurant started in 1989, and has operated successfully since. It has staff of 20 personnel. The main customers are students and teachers. The students are from all over the worlds such as Americans, Russians, Africans, Asians, Europeans etc.

The restaurant open from 8.30Am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday. The menu is Al- carte and it reflects dishes of the different nationalities. The restaurant occasionally under taken outside catering.

My position in a company is a part time to the managing director.

Sending our letters, sending our bills and prepare notices on hygiene which the staffs have to know.

The main objectives are to expand and operate one or more University.


1a) for management to be effective and therefore able to achieve its objectives the following approaches can be used:-

He must show respect - the person to whom instruction is being given would only respond effectively depending the way the manager shows respect.

Patience - just because he has power in his delegation, he must show patience in explaining even though the delegate is shows in understanding instruction.

Delegation - a manager is delegating the responsibility to a person he must be persuasive not authoritative. For being persuasive is likely to gain the attention and co- operation of the person to whom is handing down responsibilities.

Clear in his direction - when responsibility is been giving in...