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The Group decided to tackle a public relations campaign for Alliance Car Compnay. In this campaign the group will work to educate consumers on Alliance's entry into the alternative fuel vehicle market. This is better known as the "Electric Car" market.

The "Electric Car" market is gaining wide popularity with environmentalists, governments, and cost conscious consumers. These groups are looking for a low cost, low maintenance, low emissions vehicle that will provide them with safe and reliable transportation.

With these facts in mind, the Public Relations plan will encompass each of these areas. The market research, which included surveys, panel of experts, observation, and experiments, lead the P.R. plan to begin in Europe. The experts and surveys indicated that the Europeans would be the most receptive to the vehicle because of their willingness to adopt new ideas.

There are four distinct steps in creating the action portion of a P.R.

plan: · Establishing definite goals or objectives.

· Assessing the present position in relation to the goal and the availability of resources to gain the goal.

· Weighing, by prediction, estimation, or forecast, the factors that could affect the process of reaching the goal.

· Creating the tactics, devices, or techniques by which the plan will be implemented. This includes the creation or provision of alternative tactics.

The following media outlets will be used to gather feedback: · Tradeshows · Television and radio advertisements · Internet Advertising · Magazines · Newspapers The last and probably the most important step in a public relations plan is the evaluation stage. The evaluation stage will determine whether or not the plan met its objectives. The objective of the plan is to gather information on how the public may perceive the "Electric Car." Press Release When writing a press release there are ten rules...