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University of PhoenixWhen companies decide to take a product/service into an international market there are several factors such as language, cultural, political, economic, and technological factors to take into considered when conveying the marketing plan. The cultural and economic differences stand out as factors in the United States and in Brazil. Studies show that consumers in the United States have more disposable income, which is usually spent on items that would probably be considered unnecessary to others even down to a cup of coffee. Before the economic growth in Brazil, consumers were more likely to purchase what was necessary due to a lack of extra money. Another factor to consider is the level of income in the United States versus that of Brazil. Since individuals in the United States love entertainment, and 34% percent of the population are Christian, Coffee Break would greatly profit in Houston and a large percentage of Chris.

However in Brazil, 44% of the population is Catholic and may not see how one could be enlighten by Sacred Grind (US Census and International Bureau).

The coffee shop owners know that customers want a product or service that is competitively priced, convenient, with excellent customer service. Coffee Break' intent is to satisfy every customer, every time by intriguing the senses and tantalizing the taste buds of domestic and international customers. Initially, Coffee Break will establish an effective marketing communications plan through strategic analysis to determine the coffee house's viability.

Coffee Break will advertise in the newspaper and periodicals like the Houston Chronicle, The Greensheet, and Brazilian Beat to reach the older aged individuals. The company will use direct marketing to reach Generation Y such as websites and blogs. Specifically the company will be advertized on artists and writers website as a "go to" spot. Both stores will...