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Business Relationships and Networking

Introduction This assignment will set a conceptual framework to define the notion of networking and will then lead the discussion on how airlines' alliances can be considered as an extension of organizational networking

1. Network To start with, one can look into how English Dictionary defines 'network'. The primary entrance in Random House Webster's Dictionary suggests that network is 'any netlike combination of filaments, lines, veins, passages, or the like'. The wording appeared in English language as early as 16th century, yet got into regular usage in its present meaning about a century ago. Judging on the dictionary definition, network may be seen as a model or as a reconstruction of matter, reality, etc. in a way that resembles a net - a system of interconnected knots (entities).

Such knots and links between them may represent various types of matter: physical matter (for instance landscapes and architectural designs); biological matter (for instance, the model of cardio-vascular systems in living beings); social matter (for instance models of economical systems, etc), and semiotic matter (for instance the systems of language and the way they can be modelled into networks).

(M.A.K. Halliday and Matthiessen 2006 'Construing Experience as Meaning' p. 508).

In other words, drawing a network, as a method, is used by scholars to model the processes and relations that they observe in various types of data. For example, to a physicist, a network would be a way to represent the relations and processes in physical matter, and so on. Network, can thus be defined as a way to visualize processes and relations between entities in the form of a diagram, a rather simplistic representation of what the interconnectivity of subjects and objects in real time and space may look like.

At the same time, despite its simplistic...