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I will first start with the ISO 9000 system. What it exactly means and how it will benefit the company in the short and long run. ISO stands for International Standards Organization. It is a recognized standard that companies have to adhere to if they want the ISO seal of approval.

The main reasons why the company may go for the ISO scheme are. The ISO is an internationally accepted standard so for the company that we are looking at their share of the market is decreasing. This means that they might have to look overseas for new customers, if they obtain this standard it means that potential customers will immediately be able to see this as a standard of quality.

The second reason why a company may want to go for the ISO scheme is that the criteria needed to get the scheme approval is that all practices and procedures have to be written down.

What this will ensure is that a certain standard or criteria are adhered to. Every work practice has to be written down what this accomplishes is that it saves the company time, effort and money in the future short and long term. How this achieved is that every time a new employee starts work in the company they now how to go about their job and will become a lot more efficient at it a lot more quickly because everything that they have to do is written down. This means that the company does not have to spend as much time and money on training that employee if they did not have to implement the ISO.

Of course there is drawbacks to trying to get the system implemented. First of all, the amount of time the company will have to put into scheme making...