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INTRODUCTION The competition of the Americas Cup in Auckland provides an opportunity to provide services for the large number of visitors and support crews, which go with such an international event. Our product is to be a new restaurant, named "Promise"�. It will have a capacity of 50 patrons seated at tables, opening on 1st November initially for 5 days providing lunch and dinner, then going to 7 days after one month.

Promise will produce meals in the midrange of prices, aiming for the average diner rather than elite, and will emphasize quality and reliability, and some different options in it's menus. The venture will aim to provide top quality fresh foods in a generally European menu, but we will also include a range of lower fat, lighter meals as these are not well catered for and we will make this an advertising feature.

The restaurant will be situated in the Western Bays area, where there is a big residential base on which to build a market, but also within 2km of the Viaduct Basin.

We are going to rent one of the many corner shops that are available in this location at comparatively low rental. We wish to stay away from Ponsonby Road where there are many restaurants, to reduce overheads but also to create a separate identity.

Promise will be successful because a quality product is always in demand, it is well located for it's market, it will be well managed physically and financially, and will be assessed monthly to match it's targets.

MISSION Mission Statement: to provide a great meal,great for your tastebuds, pocket and waistline.

Our core business is to provide an attractive dining out experience, especially for people who may dine out quite often (inner city dwellers, Americas Cup workers and visitors) and may be...