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II.Executive SummaryBuilding Blocks Childcare Center aims to provide quality childcare at affordable prices for the Spokane area. The center will combine age-appropriate programs that help to develop cognitive, social, and academic skills that will help each child prepare for the next level or program. Unlike competitors within the area we will offer services that tailor to specials needs children as well as transportation to and from school, two hot meals plus snacks daily, longer operating hours, custom designed programs, after school tutoring services, arts and crafts, and dance all in one location.

Building Blocks Childcare Center will be independently owned and run by the owner. The owner has over 20 years experience working with children seven of those years has been served in the Public School district working with disabled students. The owner will be supported with the daily operation of the center through her father who will be responsible for the web site, her sister who has 10 years experience in the financial sector and will ensure that the center is meeting targeted goals.

With the increase in inflation and more single parents, the typical family is now finding the need to have both parents work outside the home. This trend has created a need for quality and affordable childcare. The population growth in the city area increased 15.7% between 1990 and 2000 and is expected to increase 1.3% over the next decade (, 2007). This leads Building Blocks Childcare Center to believe that quality childcare services will be needed more in the near future. Price, services, and reputation will be critical to the success of the center. The center will compete well with the competition by offering competitive pricing, high-quality childcare services, and maintaining a positive reputation within the community as well as with parents and staff members.