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My business idea

For my business idea I intend to set up a shop in which products related to new sci-fi type film releases and other collectable items and also hopefully some memorabilia of the suggested films and series below:

Lord of the rings (the fellowship / the two towers(new release 18th of November)

Star wars episode 1-3 also including episodes 4,5 and 6

Star trek (series + films)

Spider man


I also hope to sell a range of other products, which are listed below:



Comic books

Card games




I plan to name my Business 'The Odyssey'

The aim of my business is to tap in to an unused market within Norwich, I hope to keep my Business running for as long as possible (survival). I hope to maximise profit as well as hold a large market share.


The reason I am setting up my business within Norwich is for the sole reason there is a lack of shops that sell those kinds of products to do with selling memorabilia and sci-fi related and film related products.

My aims are to tap in to an unused market that there is a high demand for as I feel that this will provide a good profit margin.

I will run my business from day 1 and make all the nessacery decisions concerning the future of the business.

Before decided on financing and legislation I decided to look at an appropriate site for my shop, which would provide good coverage of the market, I am getting in to.


There are a number of factors you will need to consider:

Accessibility - are your proposed premises near to transport links, allowing you to deliver your goods or service easily?

Proximity - to your customers and...