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An Authorized Body of CSTM Prepared by: Md. Tarek Rahman http:// Contact Number 01557136726Turn your Old Dress New!

Types of Business:

Actually it would be service oriented business. And most positive site of this business you will get the "SOSTA SROM" chief labor in Bangladesh. And there are a lot of students who will come eagerly to business as a part time business.

So it will create employment to the frustrated students who are suffering financially.

Positive Site of laundry business:

Law investment

High Cash flow

Enough Potential Customer

Easy Decoration

Less primary cost

Possible to incur huge cash flow

Negative Sites of Laundry Business:

Difficult to Maintain when there are large number of partners

Difficult to tackle seasonal pressure

Political barriers

As it is service oriented business Quality is a great challenge

Difficult to satisfy some group of customers

What you need to do as you a Pioneer of this Business:

Take preparation first: You need to take sufficient preparation first. Preparation would be both physically and mentally. And physical preparation refers to the financial preparation.

Then you need to choose the area of Business to which you will run your Laundry Business.

You need to select a smart name that attract the potential customer and...