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Businessplan 2014

Local View

Experience it like a local!


Executive summary

Experience it like a local!

Business Model

Local-View is the next must have app for people going on vacations. Local-View app will provide its users with most recent up-to-date information that are very convenient and accurate because the information is written by locals! Local-View will not only ensure that its users enjoy the ultimate touristic experience, but will give them the opportunity to experience their favorite destinations like they should.

Local-View believes that locals know better! This means the app will help its users to Follow-The-Locals, by guiding them to places they normally would not find by themselves; these places will range from cozy restaurants, museum and attractions to high end shopping stores. Local-View will add another dimension to its user's vacation and ensure a lifelong experience just like a local!

At the beginning Local-View is a new start up business with a small base of customers, the best business model to generate profits and that fits Local -View's strategy would be to start in a short term by creating certain routes, either for the pedestrian or the biker fanatic.

These routes will link a couple of local hotspots which complete each other and will give the tourist the perfect experience in the city. The differences in prices for the routes will rely on the length of the route and the amount of local hotspots involved. After purchase, the app will create a route that has been chosen randomly, so every route is unique and has different local hotspots.

In the long term, Local-View will encounter the local hot spots and sell them our concept. Meaning that they will accept our offer, which is advertising for them and luring in tourists at the same time. This will...