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Location- Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australian

Mission Statement - Our Floaties are of a high standard quality, with a unique self power system and are good value for money. We offer a better that average service, with a friendly smile and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Major strategic and financial objectives -

We would like to expand into international markets in the long-term future to maximize sale that will be affected by seasonal change.

We offer a stable price and high quality guaranteed product.

We take on the Differentiation strategy which allows our firm to be unique and differentiated from our competitors in our industry. We feel that this is of value to our customers.

We would like to have a market share of at least 30% at the end of the second year of operation.

Discussed in more detail in the following


Plastex Pty Ltd produces and sells floaties made of specially treated plastic material with innovative self power making system, which enable people learning to swim more independently.

Plastex currently has two unique products available, product 1 and product

● Product 1 Self power making Armbands

These armbands are a unique learn-to-swim system, allowing the child to gain confidence in the water at their own pace. The exclusive self power making system enables children

more safety and progressively provides less buoyancy that enhance their independent feeling. Product is packed in a stylish reusable carry case, it is great to take on holiday or use at the pool.Our cost to manufacture is $37.78 per set, and they retail for $ 64 per set, four sizes available depend the personal weight. Product 1 is most suitable for child age 2-6 yrs.

●Product 2 Self power making Floaties- shark mask, waistband, and fin set.

This is an attractive design. The...