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This paper will introduce the business plan for Creative Gourmet, a full time, start-up catering business run by University of Phoenix students. It will outline the following: Company objectives, analysis and planning premises, alternate courses of action, and evaluation of alternatives. Creative Gourmet is a catering company that will service the Whittier market. Creative Gourmet offers creative, colorful and unusual food options for all types of events.


In order for Creative Gourmet to establish its objectives, we must first conduct a situation analysis. There are many techniques used to conduct an analysis, for instance there is forecasting, marketing research and competitive intelligence. One of the techniques that will first need to be used is competitive intelligence. Who is our competition? We will be operating in a central location, so we must find how many competitors are also located in the surrounding area. We must find out what our competitors are doing and what types of foods and services they are offering to clients.

What are their foods and service fees vs. ours? One of our goals is to take over their clientele. In order to accomplish this, we must have better tasting dishes, a larger variety of dishes and competitive costs. In order to find all these things out, we will need to visit their locations, review their catering brochures and if possible, sample some of their items.

Financial Analysis

Another item that will need to be analyzed is our financial status. Creative Gourmet will initially be home-based; however, we may need to apply for a small business loan in order to purchase items that will be needed to start the business. Some of these items include, business license fees, advertising fees, office equipment, purchasing certain kitchen appliances, table and napkin wear, food products and the purchase...