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I. Executive Summary

Company Name : Grand House


Grand House mission is to provide a superior, classy and comfortable housing to the customers.


Grand House is a sole proprietorship form of a company. We focus mainly on style, modishness, and creativity.

Products and Services

We will be selling a wide range of interior designing products including draperies and sheers that will help you to furnish your home. Besides that we also provide services to our customers like the tailoring and fixing services. Our products are unique because all are designed with professional hands and are imported from the famous and well-known manufacturers of interior in the world. Our designs are monopolized and are different from that of the competitors. Our services also include special attention to our customers to help them make their home a better place to live in or for the offices, a less stressful environment.

The Market

We define our market as a highly competitive market. Interior designing business takes up 60% in the marketplace. We believe that the major future trend in the business will be towards the high quality and value oriented product offerings.

The customer

Our customers includes business people who want to decorate their offices or refurnish them, families mainly focused on the housewives, who are going to shift to a new house or have the intentions of giving a new look to their old homes, young unmarried couples who are about to get married and wants to decorate their house, Hospitals, and Hotels

The competitor

We have no direct competitors in the market because of our monopoly designs. But there are alternatives to our product. The market is highly competitive. But we will be able to maintain our competitive position due to the excellence in service and the good-quality products...