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Business Plan

Name: Plastex Pty Limited

Location: Sunshine coast

Owners: David and Emily Anderscott

Date of the plan issued: 10/05/2004

Executive Summary

Plastex Pty Ltd produces and sells two versions of floaties (named Product 1 and Product 2) made of special treated plastic material, which enable people learning how to swim to float. Product 1 currently sells at a higher price than Product 2 but is cheaper to manufacture than product 2. The products are not complementary that means customers usually buy one or the other instead of both. They are durable goods so repeat purchases are rare. Sales are based on price, quality, and promotional effort although there is a limit to which customers will pay for investment in quality and advertising. As these products are related to swim, demand is expected to follow a seasonal pattern and to be greater for product 1 than for product 2. Before customers making decision if they will buy it or not, they constantly compare product prices and quality levels of the competitors.

There are about 7 competitors in this industry at moment. The competition is intense. The owners of the company, Anderscotts, has indicated that they wish to maintain both product lines and have asked us to develop and position them in a way that will maximise revenue and profits from June 1st 2004 to June 1st 2006


Mission Statement-------------------------------------------------------- 3

Major Strategic------------------------------------------------------------ 3

Financial objective-------------------------------------------------------- 3

Industry introduction------------------------------------------------------ 4

Product description-------------------------------------------------------- 4

Target Market-------------------------------------------------------------- 6

Competition---------------------------------------------------------------- 8

Marketing Plan------------------------------------------------------------ 9

Operations Plan----------------------------------------------------------- 10

Human Resource Plan---------------------------------------------------- 12

Management Plan -------------------------------------------------------- 13

Financial Plan------------------------------------------------------------- 14

Critical risks -------------------------------------------------------------- 15

Mission Statement

Our mission is to set low prices of floaties with medium quality and great volume for customers who come to sunshine coast to swim in order to make...