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AirSoft Store

Growing strong around the world is the new action sport of AirSoft. Similar to paintball, AirSoft is an outdoor adventure game that uses weapons to wage war against friends in a battlefield of tress, bombed shelters and trenches till the one side is wiped out or the flag has been liberated from the enemy base. The market of AirSoft weapons, supplies, and accessories is rapidly increasing with the popularity of the sport. More paintball players are starting to recognize the benefits of AirSoft over paintball. Benefits like no mess, more realistic weaponry, and not having to buy expensive paintballs.

There are many different types of AirSoft customers. The first and largest are converted paintballers. Other customers purchase AirSoft for collecting and display. AirSoft customers know exactly what they are looking for and why. In order to introduce ourselves the current market, internet ads and banners will be contracted to high traffic internet sites targeting teens and college students.

Product review

The plastic polymer technology industry in Asia has created a new generation of AirSoft guns with amazing durability and detail. Adding to its hobby collector market, the new AirSoft guns have created new uses in firearm safety training, collecting, and sport. AirSoft guns offer a potential alternative for the hobbyist, collector, and shooter. Currently most quality AirSoft manufactures are located overseas. This makes them harder to purchase in the US. That is why an internet store is the best way to sell this product. There is a big opportunity to capitalize on this market because it is rapidly growing and US retailers are still scarce.

Review of Competition

A considerable number of competitors are located in Japan, Germany and the UK. Of these, the only threat facing AirSoft sales would come from the larger firms...