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The Entertainment and Media Industry (E & M) in India is a rapidly evolving as a sector which shows great potential. It has been estimated that the E&M industry is poised to grow at 19% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach Rs 83,740 crore by 2010 from its present size of Rs 35,300 crore. The E& M industry can be divided into various segments with print media forming a very important part of this segment.

The Print media industry consists of the newspaper dailies and magazines. According to the NRS survey 2005, the reach of the print media as a proportion of reading population (15 years and above) is just 27% whereas the global average is 50%. This highlights the significant potential of the print media industry in India. Also with the literacy rates increasing slowly, growing need of reading content and the average time spent on reading going up from 30 minutes to 39 minutes daily, shows a vast untapped potential of this segment.

The present scenario favors the growth of the print media industry hence this is the right time to launch a business magazine, BIZBUZZ which caters to a specific class of students. Our target audience would be students who are first year B-school students and students who aspire to wet their feet in the management world. This also gives us the first mover's advantage in the market as such kind of a magazine doesn't exist in the market.

BIZBUZZ is a sister concern of Economic Times of India which is owned by Bennett and Coleman. The magazine will be published by Vision Publications which has been launched by the editors of Economic Times.

BIZBUZZ is an attempt by its promoters to stand out in the market through its quality content and a language...